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Food Acceptance Rapid Test
1. What does NutriSMART test for?
NutriSMART is not a predictive tool for food intolerance, it only traces back the reactivity of the food that you consumed in the past 3 months. 
2. How accurate is this?
The test result of NutriSMART has been compared with our in-house sIgG4 ELISA test, the accuracy of test result is obtained with 80% of consistency. 
3. Do I need to re-test after the food elimination period?
It is ideal to re-test after finishing the suggested period of food elimination as part of the follow-up, and also identify the whether there are other food alleges appeared. 
4. I have watched the demonstration video of the testing procedure, and I am confident in performing the test by myself. Can I conduct the test all by my own?
You could order the test HERE and get the kit at your door! Simply follow the instructions and the demo video (here), you could get the test done easily at home. 
5. Where does NUtriSMART originated from?
NutriSMART is designed and made in an accredited laboratory from Germany. 
6. Is there any restriction before taking this test?
You are advised to avoid medication that suppress immune response, including intravenous or oral steroids. Fasting is not required, but it is always suggested to consume the food that listed on the panel under a safe condition for  more comprehensive result. 
7. What should I do after testing?
You should start eliminate your reactive food based on the reactive level of your offending foods. The suggested food elimination period is at least 3 months for food that at level 3, those at level 2 or below are suggested to remain your current consumption frequency and portion where appropriate. 
8. What if I found to be reactive to some foods, do I have to avoid them in my lifetime?
No you don't have to, you may slowly reintroduce those foods back into your diet after the elimination period, usually about 3 months.