NutriSMART® Food Acceptance Rapid Test 
German Technology - The Fastest and Smartest Food Intolerance Test
NutriSMART is developed by German scientists in 2015, applying micro fluids technology to a pocket size device for the detection of food intolerance. Unlike conventional laboratory testing, NutriSMART allows a you to test 40+ food items in just 30 minutes by using only one to two drops of blood. 
How does it work?
Blood sample is taken from your fingertip with a lancet, your blood sample is then injected into the device to conduct testing followed by a series of testing procedure. After 30 minutes, your results would appear in each window that with number coded, representing the level of reaction to that particular food. 
Our in-house nutritionist would provide diet suggestions and alternatives to the potential offending food that appeared from your test result. In addition, some health supplements that could help regulating the immune response and soothing inflammation are also helpful.
How does it work?
Simple sampling to work even at home! 
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